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Weston Pools Site Rules

Weston Pools

We ask that all clubs – open and pleasure anglers visiting Weston take note of the fishery site rules and match rules – random checks will be in place anglers and clubs in breach of any of the rules will be asked to leave the fishery without refund. Weston pools fishery bares no responsibility for loss of or damage caused to vehicles or tackle items on site. Abuse to fishery or site staff will not be tolerated and will result in a life time ban.

On match day, all clubs are to register their presence and pay any peg fees owed less deposit before drawing or moving to the booked lake. Pleasure anglers must also register at Weston Tackle and bait prior to setting up and fishing.

The safety of guests and the welfare of our fishery is paramount. Please read our site rules before fishing.

No alcohol to be consumed on the pools.

*** Fish Health Care***
Whether your a match or pleasure angler all nets must be dipped!
They are located outside the shop.
On match days you must still check in at the shop and dip your nets beforehand, we will be checking everyone is signed.
Pleasure anglers must report to shop and have their landing nets dipped
Anyone found not to have dipped nets will be asked to leave.

General Fishery Rules

Day tickets are available from Weston Tackle. Please buy a day ticket, or settle your club booking,  before proceeding to the lake to fish.

No dogs, except for guide dogs allowed around any of the pools

All are welcome here at Weston Pools, but children aged under sixteen must be accompanied by a guardian.

All landing nets must be dipped in the tanks provided.

Fishing only from the numbered pegs. No cutting or digging Bankside vegetation.

Weston Village is a family venue. Please use the toilets provided where possible.

Respect other anglers. No loud music, barbecues or alcohol on the bank.

NO keepnets to be used whilst pleasure fishing

Be fish friendly! Barbless hooks (maximum size 10), and free running feeder rigs only. No elasticated feeders. All anglers must be in posession of a landing net. No BRAIDED hook lengths allowed

All fish of 4oz or above must be netted.

An unhooking mat must be used for photographing fish. No fish to be out of the water for more than two minutes.

Please take all litter and leftover bait home with you, or dispose of it in one of the site bins.


No meat of any kind is allowed.

No artificial baits allowed to be used

No floating baits (i.e. feeding or fishing with baits that are floating on the surface.) Pop up baits suspended mid water are allowed.

Fishery feed pellets must be used.

No paste (except at ClayPit when pleasure fishing.)

No leftover bait to be thrown in the lakes. Please use bins provided.

No Boilies are allowed.

Match Rules

Please take note of the above General and Bait rules. All these are applicable during matches.

All keepnets must be dipped in the tanks provided, and strung out behind your peg to dry. Nets must not enter the water until ten minutes before the start of the match.

All matches must be a maximum of five hours in duration.

Please use a minimum of two keepnets. Fish under 1lb in weight should be kept seperate to bigger fish. No more than 60lb of fish to be held in a keepnet at any time. It is wise to bring at least four keepnets with you to matches in the warmer months, three in the winter.

No more than ten pints of live/ particle bait to be taken to your peg at any time. In addition to this, anglers are allowed their hook bait, and a maximum of one kilo of worms, and two kilos of groundbait.

A strict 16m pole limit is in force.

Anglers may fish halfway between the peg that they are sat on, and the nearest angler.

When pole fishing, a float must be used. A minimum of four inches of line must hang between the elastic connector and the float. At its lowest fixed point in the water, the float must support the weight on the line below it. Jigga floats are allowed as long as the above rules are adhered to. Poles must not ‘slap’ the water at any time during a match

No feeding via a second pole/ rod while a baited hook is in the water.

Queries & Penalties

Our sole aim is to create a pleasent, fair environment for anglers to enjoy our facilities.

Please report any violation of the above rules to the fishery team as soon as possible. We reserve the right to disqualify, evict and ban any individual that we regard to be showing a blatant disregard for our rules.

In a match fishing context, please note that reports of any competitor breaking the rules must be made immediately, while the competition is ongoing.

With regard to our keepnet rules, any angler who weighs more than 60lb 1oz in a single net will be docked back to 60lb. If the total weight in the net exceeds 70lb, the whole weight in that net will be lost.

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