Weston Pools Events

Weston Pools Events

To ensure excellent fishing, all 2019 events will be limited to 48 anglers, and places allocated on a first come first served basis. Payment of entry secures your place, superpool payments will be collected on the morning of the match or day one of the event.

On site breakfast and accommodation must be booked in advance. Tel: 01691 671 812.

Until further notice
Thank you everyone for your support in this unprecedented time 🙏
All the fish will be looked after and ready for your return.
Mike 😢

Tri- Cast Spring Festival

16th April at 10:00 am - 17th April at 5:00 pm

Tri-Cast Veterans Festival

22nd April at 10:00 am - 24th April at 5:00 pm

Tri-Cast Weightmaster Challenge

28th May at 10:00 am - 29th May at 5:00 pm

Tri-Cast Summer Festival

20th August at 10:00 am - 21st August at 5:00 pm

Sonubaits Natural Baits Festival

24th September at 10:00 am - 25th September at 5:00 pm

Tri-Cast Autumn Festival

22nd October at 10:00 am - 23rd October at 5:00 pm

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