Tri-Cast Trilogy X Feeder

From - £256.99

The 13ft Trilogy ‘X’ FEEDER is a Medium / Heavy Feeder rod, supplied with a 1 ¾ oz. and a 2oz C/W Carbon Push In tip. These tips are supplied with standard guides, purchase. The 13ft 6 Trilogy ‘X’ FEEDER is classed as a Heavy Feeder, incorporating a little more power in the middle section, which enables longer casting and using heavier feeder. This model is supplied with 2 Carbon Interchangeable Push in Tips, 3 ½ oz., & 4oz C/W. These tips are fitted as standard with large centre guides allowing shock leaders to be used when required.

Sizes Available
13ft Medium – £256.99
13ft 6 Heavy – £269.99



There are two rods in this new range. Firstly, a 13ft TRILOGY X FEEDER and secondly a 13ft 6 TRILOGY X FEEDER. Both rods are supplied with two interchangeable Carbon Tips, colour coded for ID purposes and their individual C/W, giving anglers the option to choose the correct tip to suit their fishing and conditions.

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