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It was designed primarily for use on Rivers such as the WYE, SEVERN, TRENT, OUSE and the Drains throughout the FENS; this whip is just perfect in action and strength for fishing to hand and swinging in Roach, Dace and Perch, quickly building up match winning weight. Equally, this Whip is at home when being used on both still waters and canals. This super slim whip weighs a mere 275 grams at its full 8mtr length. If you require just that little extra length, then a One metre long extension is readily available.

Sizes Available
8m – £459.99
8m + 1m extension – £519.98

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Using the same specification of materials and manufacturing processes to produce the TRILOGY Pole, this Telescopic / Take Apart Whip is in a league of its own.


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