Tri-Cast Long Range Feeder Rod

From - £219.99

Tri-Cast have now launched a series of 3 new Feeder Rods based on a demand for a very specialised action.

Each of these three rods have a stiff action within the butt and lower section, but have a softer tip section for easy bite detection and for hooking and playing these soft mouth fish.

Sizes Available
Long Range Feeder 12ft – £219.99
Long Range Feeder 13ft – £249.99
Long Range Feeder 14ft – £269.99
Heavy River Feeder 14ft – £299.99



As the name implies, LONG RANGE FEEDER RODS, these rods have the capability of casting great distances, in fact the 14ft model will cast well beyond 100mtrs, and yet even at these lengths these models have very sensitive bite detection and line pick up to connect with bites.

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