The reason for it been so ultra-stiff is to enable you to ship out quickly with no bounce to tangle your shallow rig, and then enables you to hit bites with a rapid response. The reason it speeds up your fishing is that you have no need to unship when landing a fish. Simply ship your pole back on your rollers until you get to you F.1.S.T section and then by holding the bottom joint simply raise your pole and the fish will be perfectly in front of you ready for netting. Simple but very effective

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F.1.S.T. (F 1 SHALLOW TOP.) This is a very high modulus Carbon long top section which measures 68 inches in length. A very strong and stiff section with a fast taper. This section replaces the Big Bore top 2 or the Match top 3 kits on both the Trilogy Pro 2 and the Iconic Pro poles


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