• This new EXCELLENCE POWER HANDLE has had a lot of input and thought put into it. In today’s modern match conditions and venues anglers are catching large weights and netting a lot of fish in a 5 hour long match. Therefore you do not want a heavy, unbalanced handle which is awkward to use and ship in and out all the time. It’s a three section handle which can be used with the top two sections or when a longer reach is required the third section can be added on. At two sections its length is 2.44 mtrs, perfect for most commercial fisheries when catching F1s etc and speed fishing, and when you add the third section it goes to 3.65mtrs when you need that little extra reach. So this handle will do it all for you.
  • The Trilogy Landing Net Handle has all those attributes and more, plus an inbuilt strength in spite of its Ultra- Slim and Lightweight appearance. This is a 2pc 2.7 metres in length, Take Apart Handle. Supplied with a fully treated Brass Fitting at the tip, which means it will never rust. The fitting is an over fit, which is not only bonded into position using a special adhesive, but also for pure double protection is also Brass pinned.
  • For this season the range consist of 2 different models. Both of these handles are made using our super strength XRS (Xtra Reinforced System) manufacturing technology seen in our respected rod and pole ranges with the same brand name. These handles come complete with double reinforced over wraps as well as brass fittings, and pins throughout as standard. Sizes Available 8'3 - £35.99 12'6 - £50.99
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