Jun 2019

Monday 1st July 2019 - Partridge day one festival - Canal

3rdBrian77-0046Pellet and maggot

Sunday 30th June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Jacks Pool

1stJack Traynor - Weston Pools56-0819pellet shallow
2ndPhil Hardman - Independant51-0422pellet and caster
3rdStuart Davies - Partridge Lakes46-0414pellet and maggot at 9m
4thIan Fellows - Burt Baits38-083groundbait and corn

Sunday 30th June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Weir

1stIan Evans - Pontymister AC133-1215pellet shallow
2ndRay Smith - Independant110-1010pellet at 9m
3rdRichie O'Connor - Weston Pools99-0414pellet short
4thIan Crippin - Partridge Lakes97-0613pellet shallow

Saturday 29th June 2019 - Open Rover - Belvedere & Jacks

1stJason Andrews - Mosella NW127-10Jacks - 4Pellet at 9m
2ndAndy Griffiths - Weston Tricast121-00Jacks - 16Pellet at 9m
3rdBarry Davies - Weston Pools80-14Belvedere - 5Pellet on top 2

Friday 28th June 2019 - Evening Match - Clay Pit

1stMatty Dawes - Preston Innovations158-1016banded 8mm feeding 6mm pellets
2ndAndy Griffiths - Weston Tricast146-0614pellet shallow
3rdJason Andrews - Mosella NW137-0837pellet down the edge

Friday 28th June 2019 - Over 50’s Rover - Clay Pit

1stTony Davidson - Weston Pools155-0224pellet shallow
2ndGraham Davidson - Weston Pools129-1026pellet shallow
3rdMike Steele - Greyhound Saughall98-0632pellet and caster shallow

Thursday 27th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Belvedere

1stPhil Weaver - Independant68-083pellet and caster 2+1
2ndMike Williams - Weston Pools65-0032pellet shallow
3rd=Jeff Selby - Independant60-0810pellet short
3rd=Martin Taylor - Brymbo AC60-081pellet short

Thursday 27th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Weir

1stTony Dean - Deeside Tackle81-029pellet shallow
2ndWinston Duckers - Leigh Tackle75-1419pellet down the margins
3rdBarry Rowlands - Weston Pools73-088maggot shallow

Wednesday 26th June 2019 - Over 50’s pegged open - Clay Pit

1stColin Roberts - Weston Pools95-148Pellet and bread down the edge
2ndAndy Amos - Deeside Tackle87-102Maggot and groundbait down the edge
3rdBoris Titchner - Greyhound Saughall83-1217Caster and groundbait

Tuesday 25th June 2019 - Tuesday Open Rover - All Lakes

1stChris Jones - Frenzee Bait Tech174-07Weir - 10pellet at 10m shallow
2ndWendy Locker - Chestle Tackle Locker147-04Canal - 21pellet top 2+1
3rdRoger Gamblin - Weston Pools142-14Clay Pit - 34Pellet shallow
4thTony Davidson - Weston Pools140-10Jacks Pool - 17pellet shallow
5thJames Berry - Carlsberg Tetley124-14Clay Pit - 24pellet shallow
6thAllan Hughes - Weston Pools117-04Weir - 17pellet at 10m shallow

Sunday 23rd June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Belvedere

1stLee Saville - Weston Pools108-0816Pellet down the margin
2ndJason Andrews - Mosella NW105-0825Pellet at 2+1
3rdMark Clutton - Chester Tackle Store101-0812Pellet on deck at 2+2

Saturday 22nd June 2019 - Saturday Rover - Claypit

1stJames Berry/ Carlsberg Tetley129-0624Maggot shallow/pellet edge
2ndChris Lewis/ Weston121-0317Waggler
3rdTony Davidson/ Weston118-0934Pellet shallow
4thJason Andrews/ Mosella109-152Pellet shallow

Friday 21st June 2019 - Friday over 50s Rover - Rover

1stTony Davidson/ Weston pools182-0921 canalPellet short
2ndPhil Hunt/ Weston pools174-0636 CanalWorm slop and chop and caster
3rdIan Simpson/ Mosella dynamite165-086 Strettonpellet across and down the edge
4thPhil Mason/ independent132-1012 CanalPellet shallow
5thGary Vincent/ Deeside fishing tackle126-152 strettonPellet shallow
6thJames Berry/ CArslberg tetley107-519 strettonPellet shallow

Thursday 20th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans match - Claypit

1stChriss Diamond/ Weston pools95-0821Maggot
2nd Ken Arnold/ Weston pools87-1217Pellet SHallow
3rdMike Williams82-1226Pellet Deck

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - Tuesday Rover - All Lakes (except Canal)

1stYestyn Sephton - Guru221-12Weir - 6Pellet at 9m
2ndJames Berry - Carlsberg Tetley149-6 Clay pit - 17Maggot in the margins
3rdPhil Hunt - independant143-10Stretton - 18Maggot
4thCarl Warral- Team GB136-14Belvedere- 12Pellet on the deck
5thColin Cook- Independent124-6Belvedere- 25Maggot and Pellet
6thAnthony Heath- Independent118-0Weir- 9Pellet and Corn
7thTony Davidson- Weston106-12Clay PitPellet
8thAllan Hughes- Independent104-6Clay PitPellet
9thRoger Gamblin- Weston100-8Clay PitPellet at 9m

Sunday 16th June 2019 - Sunday Pegged down - Clay PIt

1stRichie O' Connor/Weston Tricast131-0631Pellet shallow
2ndPhil Hardman/ Independent113-086Pellet short
3rdYestyn Sephton/ Guru101-1424Floating feeder
4thPat Pritchard/ Weston Pools100-042Pellet shallow

Saturday 15th June 2019 - Saturday Rover -

1stKristian Jones/ Weston Tricast289-148 CanalPellet shalloq to pads and down the edge
2ndMal Dawes/ Weston Pools169-0442 CanalPellet SHallow
3rdStuart Davies/ Chester Tackle Locker165-138 WeirShallow Pellet
4thDan Humphries/ weston pools141-1525 BelvederePellet down the edge
5thIan Fellows/ Burts Baits140-1021 CanalCorn everywhere
6thJosh Humphries/weston pools110-061 BelvedereCorn down the side
7thTony Davidson/ weston pools107-424 ClaypitPellet Shallow
8thJason Andrews/ Mosella NW105-622 ClaypitGroundbait and corn

Friday 14th June 2019 - Friday Over 50’s rover - Rover

1stJames Berry/ CArlsberg Tetley172-0224 Clay PitMaggot shallow
2ndIan Simpson/ Mosella Dynamite NW169-116 StrettonPellet across and pellet shallow down the edge
3rdRoger Gamblin/ Weston pools134-06 17 ClaypitPellet shallow
4thChris Jones/ Wston Pools114-1234 ClaypitWhit maggot shallow and down the edge

Thursday 13th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Weir

1stMike Williams - Weston Pools100-0810Worm and Caster at 6m
2ndAthur Wood - Weston Pools77-128Dead Red on the method at 20m
3rdTom Gollins - Independant75-0614pellet and corn at 9m
4thPhil Conde - Weston Pools69-1418Pellet and maggot down the edge

Thursday 13th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Canal

1stChris Diamond - Eddies Tackle & Bait155-1242Pellet at 9m
2ndTony Dean - Deeside Tackle112-1021Caster up in the water
3rdWinston Duckers - Rake n Pikel97-0833Pellet and corn in the margins
4thPaul Newton - Weston Pools95-0217Worm top 2 in front

Wednesday 12th June 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Stretton

1stJames Berry - Carlsberg Tetley103-0816Maggot in front (top1 + 3) and pellet down the margin
2ndMike Williams - Weston Pools93-042Worm, feeding caster down the margin
3rdIan Simpson - Mosella NW92-1430Pellet in front, maggot down the edge

Tuesday 11th June 2019 - Tuesday open rover - All lakes

1stAllan Hughes - independent113-08Clay pit - 4pellet at 4m
2ndJames Berry - Carlsberg Tetley113-06Clay pit - 17pellet shallow
3rdTony Davidson - Weston Pools102-06Clay pit - 2pellet at 4m

Sunday 9th June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Belvedere

1stPhil Hardman - Independant101-125
2ndLee Werrett - Bait-Tech93-0225
3rdLee Saville - Weston Pools78-53
4thWendy Locker - Chester Tackle71-012

Sunday 9th June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Weir

1stJames Maguire - Northwest Match Anglers77-1211
2ndRichie O'Connor - Weston Tri-Cast70-1415
3rdCarl Worrall - GB Angling64-1217
4thDave Howard - Independant63-62

Friday 7th June 2019 - Friday Over 50’s Rover - Rover

1stJames Berry/ Carlsberg Tetley124-1417 Claypit
2ndTony Davidson/ Weston pools98-1234 Claypit

Saturday 8th June 2019 - Saturday Rover - Rover

1stPat Pritchard/Weston Pools160-0234 Claypit
2ndJosh Humphreys/Weston Pools138-147 Weir
3rdCharlie LLywarch/Weston Pools131-0114 Weir
4thLee Griffiths/Weston tricast126-417 ClaypIt
5thBarry Davies/Weston Pools114-436 Claypit
6thIan Fellows/ Burts Baits104-0921 Canal

Thursday 6th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Stretton

1stTony Dean - Deeside Tackle81-0819
2ndPhil Weaver - Independant74-1210
3rdDerek Buckle - Eddies Tackle & Bait65-008

Thursday 6th June 2019 - Oswestry Veterans - Canal

1stWinston Duckers - Rake n Pikel84-0236
2ndChris Diamond - Eddies Tackle & Bait74-1216
3rdBrian Tinman - Leighton AC67-0820

Wednesday 5th June 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Belvedere

1stMike Williams - Weston Pools116-0218
2ndJeff Grantham - Weston Pools89-1432
3rdMike Steele - Greyhound Saughall54-063

Wednesday 5th June 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Weir

1stIan Simpson - Mosella NW130-0415
2ndKen Arnold - Leighton AC80-066
3rdTerry Barsby - Oakengates AC68-068

Tuesday 4th June 2019 - Tuesday Open Rover - All

1stJack Traynor - Independant145-02Belvedere - 3
2=Tony Davidson - Weston Pools122-06Jacks - 17
2=Pat Pritchard - Weston Pools122-06Weir - 6
3rdRoger Gamblin - Weston Pools103-04Horseshoe Pool (Clay Pit) - 1

Sunday 2nd June 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Clay Pit

1stChris Weeder/Preston North west sonubaits106-1012
2ndPhil Hardman/ Independent89-103
3rdYestyn Sephton/ Guru84-47
4thAndy Spencer/Chester Tackle Locker82-635
5thJames Berry/ Carlsberg Tetley71-88

Saturday 1st June 2019 - Saturday Open rover - Clay Pit and Jacks

1stJason Andrews/ Mosella109-12Clay Pit - 1
2ndTony Davidson/Weston Pools97-00Clay Pit - 34
3rdCharlie Llywarch/Weston pools74-12Jacks Pool - 3


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