Aug 2019

Saturday 31st August 2019 - Saturday Rover - All lakes

1stMikey Rough-Weston Gold195-1029 StrettonPellet
2ndTerry Collins-Weston173-614 WeirMaggot
3rdJason Andrews-Weston159-102 Strettonpellet short
4thPat Pritchard- Weston122-0419 Strettonpellet in margins

Friday 30th August 2019 - Friday Over 50s rover - All lakes

1stDerek SMith-LTB165-1010 WeirPellet
2ndIan Simpson-Mosella NW153-036 StrettonPellet
3rdTony DAvidson-Weston147-0117 JacksCaster
4thCliff Barber-PAtricroft110-1530 strettonpellet on deck
5thRoger Gamblin-Weston103-0317 WeirBomb and Pellet

Thursday 29th August 2019 - Veterans match - Stretton

1stRay Smith-Weston117-062Bomb and pellet
2ndMike Williams-Weston113-086Pellet
3rdColin Roberts-Weston99-0928Pellet and bread

Thursday 29th August 2019 - Veterans match - Weir

1stMike Ellis-Weston119-0519Pellet on the tip
2ndWinston Duckers-RAke N Pikel103-1310Pellet shallow
3rdJohn DIxon-Weston101-132Pellet

Wednesday 28th August 2019 - Wednesday Over 50s pegged - Canal

1stIan Simpson-Mosella NW119-0942 CanalPellet shallow
2ndColin Roberts-Weston107-0719 CanalPellet and bread
3rdAndy Amos- Dee side tackle105-1333 Canal

Tuesday 27th August 2019 - Tuesday Rover - All lakes

1stLewis Burrows-Weston209-1114 WeirPellet shallow
2ndMike Woodham- Chester tackle locker197-0319 WeirBomb and Pellet
3rdJosh Humphries-Weston184-0129 stretonPellet shallow
4thTony Davidson-Weston130-0521 CanalPellet
5thWayne Jones-Dougie Speed125-0119 CanalPellet shallow

Monday 26th August 2019 - Bank Holiday Open Rover - All lakes

1stRichie O'Connor - Weston Pools196-10Clay Pit - 26Pellet shallow
2ndMike Rough - Weston Gold189-02Stretton - 29Lob Worm at 9m mixed maggot down the edge
3rdTony Davidson - Weston Pools173-10Jacks - 17pellet on the deck
4thPat Pritchard - Weston Pools167-02Clay Pit - 17Pellet shallow
5thLee Griffiths - Weston Pools154-14Clay Pit - 12Pellet at 12m
6thMike Woodham - Weston Pools150-08Weir - 18Bomb and pellet at 25m
7thJason Lewis - Lavister146-00Weir - 14pellet shallow
8thLee Saville - Weston Pools143-06Stretton - 19pellet down the edge
9thIan Simpson - Mosella NW127-14Stretton - 6Pellet long
10thNeil Dibble - Cefn Fforest123-14Belvedere - 25pellet down the edge
11thAllan Hughes - Weston Pools113-04Clay Pit - 31Pellet long
12thRoger Gamblin - Weston Pools105-10Clay Pit - 34pellet at 9m
13thMal Dawes - Airbus AC100-02Canal - 42pellet down the edge

Sunday 25th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Belvedere

1stJason Andrews - Weston Pools139-0427Pellet shallow
2ndMike Rough - Weston Gold122-1418Lob Worm shallow
3rdPhil Hardman - Independant111-141pellet shallow

Sunday 25th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Canal

1stKristian Jones - Weston Tri-Cast128-126Pellet shallow
2ndJack Traynor - Independant125-1016pellet shallow
3rdLee Werrett - Team Milo125-0820pellet shallow

Saturday 24th August 2019 - Saturday Rover - All lakes

1stJosh Humphries- Weston128-412 Clay PitPellet
2ndJames Berry- Carslberg Tetley123-0816 CanalPellet shallow
3rdJason Andrews- Weston111-1217 ClaypitCorn
4thBarry Davies- Connahs Quey103-1042 CanalPellet shallow

Friday 23rd August 2019 - Over 50s Friday Rover - All lakes

1stTony Davidson-Weston134-0617 JacksPellet
2ndIan SImpson-Mosella Nw106-1219 StrettonCorn down the edge

Thursday 22nd August 2019 - Veterans Match - Canal

1stChris DIamond-Weston pools133-0748method feeder
2ndRay smith- weston102-1016Bomb and pellet
3rdColin Roberts-Weston101-1218pellet and bread

Thursday 22nd August 2019 - Veterans match - Jacks

1stDerek Buckle - Weston pools102-057Corn short
2ndPhil Nelsen- ST Francis55-1117Pellet short
3rdBarry Tuffin- Weston pools51-0816Bread

Wednesday 21st August 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Weir

1stMel Kitson - Oakengates106-1010Groundbait and pellet on the deck
2ndJeff Grantham - Weston Pools104-0815pellet @ 9m
3rdAndy Amos - Deeside Tackle101-1214maggot shallow
4thBoris Titchner - Greyhound Saughall100-126caster and maggot shallow

Tuesday 20th August 2019 - Tuesday Open Rover - All lakes

1stLewis Burrows - Independant222-10Weir - 10Pellet Shallow
2ndMike Rough - Weston Gold203-04Clay Pit - 34Lob worms down the edge
3rdAntoine Sellies - Sensas Netherlands172-14Canal - 20Pellet shallow
4thPat Pritchard - Weston Pools161-00Clay Pit - 17pellet shallow
5thRay Smith - Independant138-10Belvedere - 20bomb and pellet
6thTony Crowder - Burt Baits136-00Stretton - 14pellet shallow
7thJoop Sellies - Sensas Netherlands135-08Weir - 15Pellet down the edge
8thGary Vincent - Independant123-08Stretton - 19Pellet 2+2
9thCarl Pugh - Weston Pools114-06Weir - 6Pellet down the edge shallow
10thRuss Amos - RA Floats107-04Canal - 23Pellet down the edge
11thWayne Jones - Dougie Speed100-02Canal - 42Pellet shallow

Sunday 18th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged - Claypit

1stRichie O Connor-Weston Tricast119-1226Pellet down the edge
2ndPhil HArdman-Independent117-009Pellest shallow
3rdPhil Coventry-Baittech Daiwa Adlington93-141Maggot and groundbait down the edge
4thAllan Hughes- Weston Pools89-1223Pellet edge

Saturday 17th August 2019 - Saturday Rover - All lakes

1stJason Andrews-Weston pools243-0412 claypitPellet shallow
2ndJosh Humphries-Weston213-1017 ClaypitPellet shallow
3rdAndrew Mann- Cefn FForest184-046 WeirPellet shallow
4thScott Wersden-Cefn Fforest178-0518 BelvederePellet shallow
5thJosh Hannon-Cefn FForest157-052 Belvederecaster
6thTerry Collins-Weston142-0517 WeirPellet shallow
7thMike Rough-Indpendent139-1346 Canalmaggot
8thChris Sheppard- Cefn Fforest128-109 JacksPellet shallow
9thTony Davidson-weston pools124-626 ClaypitPellet shallow
10thHoward McGill-Weston pools118-0417 JacksPellet shallow
11thYoob Sellis- Censor Netherlands110-1134 CanalPellet shallow
12thStephen Hilton-Weston pools108-842 CanalPellet shallow
13thRoger Gamblin-weston pools107-1424 ClaypitPellet shallow

Friday 16th August 2019 - Friday Rover - All lakes

1stDerek Smith-Wolsden Ac152-1517 WeirPellet shallow
2ndYoob Sellis- Cences Netherlands147-0221 CanalPellet shallow
3rdIan Simpson-Mosella Dynamite135-0719 strettonBomb and pellet
4thRoger Gamblin-Weston pools115-1219 WeirPellet shallow
5thGary Morgan-Wolverhampton105-048 WeirPellet shallow

Thursday 15th August 2019 - Veterans match - Stretton

1stChris Diamond- Weston127-042Method feeder
2ndRay Smith- Weston105-1010Bomb and pellet
3rdPhil Nelson-= St Francis102-0430Corn

Thursday 15th August 2019 - Thursday Veterans - Stretton

1stMike WIlliams-Weston104-029Pellet shallow, caster down the edge
2ndGary Morgan-Wolverhampton103-0220Pellet shallow
3rdColin Roberts- Weston96-116Pellet and bread

Wednesday 14th August 2019 - Wednesday Over 50s pegged - Weir

1stRoger Gamblin- Weston Pools105-0916Pellet Shallow
2ndGeoff Grantham- Indeoendent104-124Pellet shallow and down the edge
3rdGAry Morgan-Wolverhampton103-0518Bomb and Pellet

Tuesday 13th August 2019 - Tuesday Open Rover - All lakes

1stLewis Burrows - Independant234-10Weir - 10Pellet shallow at 9m
2ndMike Rough - Weston Gold215-12Belvedere - 9Lob Worm Shallow
3rdGraham Tait - Royal Marines AC157-06Stretton - 30Pellet down the edge
4thPat Pritchard - Weston Pools140-08Belvedere - 25Pellet at 9m
5thRob Palmer - Dougie Speed136-06Canal - 19Pellet shallow
6thRoger Gamblin - Weston Pools117-10Weir - 18Pellet at 9m on the tip
7thLee Saville - Mosella NW110-02Stretton - 14Pellet at 9m

Sunday 11th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged- Canal - Canal

1stMike Rough- Weston154-0823 CanalPellet short
2ndChris Jones- Frenzee Bait tech122-0618 CanalPellet short and edge
3rdAdam Tollit- Weston96-0410 canalPellet shallow

Sunday 11th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged- Weir - Weir

1stKarl Webster- MAtrix160-0619Pellet shallow
2ndAndy Spencer- Weston pools100-0614Pellet

Saturday 10th August 2019 - Saturday Rover - Rover

1stJason Andrews- Weston213-1017 ClaypitPellet shallow
2ndPete Derbyshire- Weston174-157 ClaypitBread
3rdJosh Humphries- Weston165-049 Canalcorn and hemp
4thJames Berry- Carlsberg Tetley138-0820 CanalPellet on the deck
5thRoger Gamblin- Weston121-0624 ClaypitPellet shallow
6thRobbie Griffiths- Weston120-0642 CanalPellet shallow
7thBarry Davies- Weston109-0216 CanalPellet shallow
8thKen Humphries- Weston108-005 JacksCorn
9thTony Davidson- Weston101-1220 JacksPellet shallow

Friday 9th August 2019 - Friday rover - Rover

1stTony Davidson- Weston Pools175-0821 CanalPellet shallow
2ndChris Taylor-Crewe154-106 WeirPellet shallow
3rdCliff Barber- Patricroft144-056 Strettonpellet
4thDerek smith- Woolsden128-1514 WeirPellet shallow
5thGary Morgan- Wolverhampton123-0510 WeirBomb and pellet

Thursday 8th August 2019 - Veterans Match-Belvedere - Belvedere

1stWinston Duckers- Rake N Pikel74-810Pellet shallow
2ndRay smith-Weston73-0120Pellet shallow
3rdMike Ellis-weston65-031Bread

Thursday 8th August 2019 - Veterans match-weir - Weir

1stChris Diamond- Weston pools162-035Bomb and pellet
2ndPhil Weaver- Weston pools114-0214Pellet on deck
3rdBrian Fitzjohn-Holyhead99-059Pellet shallow

Wednesday 7th August 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Stretton

1stMal Dawes - Airbus AC120-0414Pellet @ 9m
2ndChris Taylor - Crewe AC107-0427Pellet
3rdColin Roberts - Weston Pools83-0210Bread @ 9m

Wednesday 7th August 2019 - Over 50’s Pegged Open - Canal

1stMike Williams - Weston Pools124-1418Pellet and Caster
2ndBrian Probert - Deeside Tackle116-1046Pellet
3rdBoris Titchner112-0220Caster and Maggot

Tuesday 6th August 2019 - Tuesday Rover - Rover

1stJason Andrews- Weston Pools204-0542 CanalMaggot shallow and down the edge
2ndLewis Burrows184-008 CanalPellet shallow
3rdPhil catherall- Dougie Speed161-0814 StrettonPellet shallow
4thMike Rough- Weston pools146-088 Strettonpellet on deck
5thTony Davidson- Weston pools133-0920 JacksPellet shallow
6thBrian Fitzjohn-Holyhead106-151 WeirPellet on deck

Sunday 4th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Canal

1stAdam Tollitt - Widnes AC157-026Pellet @ 9m
2ndRichie O'Connor - Weston Pools134-029pellet shallow
3rdJames Berry - Carlsberg Tetley128-0618maggot on the waggler
4thJohn Unsworth - Independant110-1212pellt shallow down the edge

Sunday 4th August 2019 - Sunday Pegged Open - Stretton

1stLee Saville - Mosella NW171-0314Pellet shallow
2ndChris Jones - Bait-Tach144-0027Pellet shallow, caster edge
3rdKarl Webster -Matrix LTB141-046Pellet shallow
4thPhil Roberts - Weston Pools128-1229Pellet long
5thPhil Coventry - Leigh T+B104-0412Pellet @ 9m

Saturday 3rd August 2019 - Saturday rover - Rover

1stPete Derbyshire- Weston177-1532 BelvedereBread
2ndTerry collins- Lingmere153-0810 WeirPellet
3rdMike Rough- Independent136-0214 JacksPellet
4thTony Davidson- Weston111-1020 JacksPellet down the edge
5thRoger Gamblin- Weston111-043 BelvederePellet short

Friday 2nd August 2019 - Over 50s Friday Rover - Rover

1stBrian Fitzjohn-Holyhead147-121 WeirPellet Shallow
2ndTony Davidson-Weston Pools146-0826 ClaypitPellet Shallow
3rdMal Dawes-Weston Pools130-078 CanalPellet Shallow
4thDerek Smith-Wolsden AC115-0817 ClaypitPellet Shallow
5thBarry Davies-Connahs Quey112-1116 CanalPellet Shallow
6thIan SImpson-Mosella NW111-0521 canalCord down the edge
7thJames Berry104-1346 canalMaggot Shallow

Thursday 1st August 2019 - Thursday Veterans- Weir - Weir

1stPhil Weaver- Weston99-15148 mil on deck
2ndChris Diamond-Independent82-114Pellet shallow
3rdTony Dean- Deeside tackle66-0316Pellet deck

Thursday 1st August 2019 - Thursday Veterans Match Stretton - Stretton

1stPhil Conde- Weston120-1116Pellet shallow
2ndDerek Buckle- Weston92-1031Bread and corn
3rdArthur Wood- Weston81-022Pellet

Tuesday 30th July 2019 - Tuesday open rover -

1stMatty Dawes- Preston Innovations225-1221 CanalPellet
2ndPhil Catherall- Dougie Speed166-0014 StrettonPellet
3rdWayne Jones- Dougie Speed117-0828 StrettonPellet and caster
4thRay Smith- Independent108-0625 BelvederePellet
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